I have got my PhD in Computer Science on 16/10/2009 with the thesis titled “Integration and Disambiguation Techniques for Semantic Heterogeneity Reduction on the Web”, supervised by Dr. Eduardo Mena.

Member of the  Distributed Information Systems Group (University of Zaragoza), led by Dr. Eduardo Mena and collaborator of the  Ontology Engineering Group (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), led by Prof. Asunción Gómez-Pérez . I also worked at Knowldege Media Institute (Open University, United Kingdom ) as Visiting Researcher from March to July 2007, and on June 2008 (see more… ), in Enrico Motta’s group. I was also Visiting Researcher at Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA), Grenoble (France) in June 2012 and from May to July 2013, working in Jérome Euzenat’s group. From October to December 2014 I collaborated at Università di Roma “La Sapienza” with Roberto Navigli and his group in topics related to BabelNet and Linked Data. In July 2016 I visited the Semantic Computing Group at CITEC (Center of Excellence – Cognitive Interaction Technology) at University of Bielefeld for one month, to collaborate with Philipp Cimiano in the topic of linguistic linked data.

Scientific Publications

Main areas of Interest:

  • Semantic Web
  • Ontology Matching
  • Multilingual Web of Data
  • Language Resources and Linked Data
  • Query interpretation
  • Semantic disambiguation

cloud tag of paper topics from 2006 to February 2014
(cloud tag of paper topics from 2006 to February 2014)

Main Projects


Program committee and editorial board

  • Program committee member of more than 30 international conferences and workshops (WWW, ISWC, ESWC, COLING, LREC, LDL, SEMANTiCS, GLOBALEX, etc.)
  • Track chair (“linked data”) of the 15th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2018), Fecha: 3-7 June 2018
  • Senior program committee member of the 16th International Semantic web Conference (ISWC 2017), Vienna Austria, Fecha: 21-25 October 2017
  • Program committee chair of the 1st Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK’17), Galway, Ireland, Fecha: 19-20 June 2017
  • Scientific Advisory Committee of the 1st Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK’17), Galway, Ireland, Fecha: 19-20 June 2017
  • Guest editor of the Information journal special issue on “Towards the Multilingual Web of Data” (2018)
  • Editorial board of the Semantic Web Journal special issue on “Semantic Web for the legal domain” (2012)
  • Program committee of Journal on Data Semantics, special issue on evolution and versioning in semantic data integration systems (2012)

Organisation of scientific events

  • 6th Workshop on Linked Data in Linguistic (LDL-2018) at LREC 2018, Miyazaki, Japan; 12th May 2018
  • “2st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data” (SD-LLOD-17), Cercedilla, Spain, 26-30 Junio 2017
  • “1st Workshop on the OntoLex Model” at the 1st Language, Data and Knowledge conference (LDK 2017), Galway, Ireland, 18 Junio 2017
  • “TIAD-2017 Shared Task – Translation Inference Across Dictionaries” at the 1st Language, Data and Knowledge conference (LDK 2017), Galway, Ireland, 18 Junio 2017
  • 1st Workshop on “Knowledge Extraction and Knowledge Integration” (KEKI’16) at the 15th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC’16), Kobe, Japan 17 Octubre 2016
  • Taller de “Datos Enlazados y Multilingüismo para la Lingüística y las Humanidades Digitales”, Madrid, Spain, 20 Octubre 2015
  • 1st Summer Datathon on Linguistic Linked Open Data (SD-LLOD-15), Cercedilla, Spain
  • 4th Workshop on the Multilingual Semantic Web at the 12th extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2015)
  • Tutorial on “Language Resources and Linked Data” at 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW’14), Linköping, Sweden, November 2014
  • Tutorial on “Building the Multilingual Web of Data: A Hands-on tutorial” at 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014), Riva de Garda, Italy, October 2014
  • Roadmapping Workshop on “Linked Data, Language Technologies and Multilingual Content Analytics” at the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Madrid, Spain, May 2014
  • Session on “Best practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data“, as part of the W3C Multilingual Web Workshop, Rome, 2013
  • Tutorial on “Enriching the Web with Ontology-Lexica” at 8th international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2012)

Participation in Web standardization groups

  • W3C Best Practises for Multlingual Linked Open Data (BPMLOD) community group (co-chair)
  • W3C Linked Data for Language Techologies (LD4LT) community group
  • W3C Ontology Lexica (ONTOLEX) community group
  • Open Knowledge Foundation’s Working Group on Open Data in Linguistics


  • Invited participant in the Dagstuhl Seminar on the “Multilingual Semantic Web” (Sept 2012)


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